Clearing Viewer Cache

One of the most common problems with logging in, inventory missing or not showing, currency not showing and avatar not showing “usually” is caused by a corrupt cache. The only way to clear these cache issues is to do a MANUAL cache clear. The cache clear option in the viewer does not do a complete job as many of these files are in use by the viewer (locked by the viewer), hence can’t be cleared.

Follow these simple steps to manually clear your cache.

  1. Close your viewer session if you are logged into Dynamic Worldz or any other grid. (you must not have a viewer running).
  2. Using Windows10, Open windows “File Explorer” some call it File Manager
  3. Click on “View” from the menu bar at the top and check the box next to “Hidden Items”
  4. Then navigate to c:\Users\(your windows account name)\AppData\Local
  5. And delete the folders “Firestorm” (or Singularity or what ever the name matches the name of the viewer that you use).

If this is the first time you have done this or if you have not deleted this file in awhile it will very large, so give it time to delete. (also a good practice to do to keep your pc running smoothly and free of clutter).

Then you can log back in to the grid. Please allow an extended load time as all objects will have to load fresh to your local machine.